Vol. 7 No. 3 (2017): Special Edition

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เอกสิทธิ์ หนุนภักดี

The Shadowing Effect in Developing Accents for Japanese Loanwords in the Thai Language
Tanaporn Siwuttipong

The VN Compounding and Meaning in Japanese and Thai
Natthira Tuptim

Learning Management from Activities in Japanese Mathematics Book to Promote Analytical Thinking Skills of Prathomsuksa 6 Students by Open Approach Method
Suchat Chaiwan

Bizarre Events after the Relocation of the Capital, Depicted in “The Tale of Heike”
Kannapat Ruenpirom

The Sufferings and Suffering Solving of the Lord-Vassal in the Noh Play Koya monogurui
Sunisa Tammawiwat

Learning Japanese popular cultures according to animation and manga of Generation Z which a focus on University Students in a Japanese Business Course at Dhurakij Pundit University in Thailand
สุรีรัตน์ เรืองประยูร, ปฏิยุทธ์ ธันวานนท์

Culture Industry and the Diversity of Kawaii Culture: Characters: Hello Kitty and Kumamon
Sirinapapen Puenperm

Anxiety about Independence of Japanese Women and “Pseudo-Family” Relationship: An Analysis of the Film “Nonchan Noriben”
saranya kongjit, Masayuki Nishida

Transforming Japan into a Gender-Equal Society
ปิยวรรณ อัศวราชันย์

Gender and Working Roles in Television Commercials: A Comparison between Japanese and Thai Television Commercials
Piya Pongsapitaksanti

Changes in Operating Conditions with the Resignation of Japanese Interpreters in Japanese Companies, Northern Region Industrial Estate, Lamphun Province
Phatchaya โสภณสิทธิพงศ์

An Analysis of the Teamwork between Doctors and Medical Interpreters: Derived from Simulated Consultations Mediated by Japanese-Thai Interpreters
Elisa Nishikoto

Views and Trends Regarding the Long-stay Lodging Business for the Elderly Japanese in Chiang Mai
Arnpassa Chanchalor

Japan’s Policy and the Implementation of Global human resource development: the Case of the SEND Program
Siriwan Munintarawong

Thailand–Japan Railway Cooperation: Interests and Power Competition
Jintavat Sirirat

The Study of Economic Development between Thailand and Japan
Chawin Leenabanchong

A Basic Study on Legislation by House Members: Focusing on the Issues and Prospects
Matsuura Yasuyuki, Yuta Komori, Riho Gojo