Vol. 9 No. 2 (2019): กรกฎาคม-ธันวาคม 2562

The Beliefs and Expectations of Thai Learners of Japanese Concerning Their Japanese Classes, Japanese Teachers, and the Teachers’ Role / Yupaka Fukushima, Rika Inagak / 1-25

Thai Students’ Attitudes toward Co-Teaching between Thai Teachers and Japanese Teachers: the Case of a Conversation Class for Beginners / Poranee Pinunsottikul, Yumiko Yamamoto / 26-40

The Role of Dreams in Sarashina Nikki / Attaya Suwanrada / 41-56

The Beliefs about Gods that Influenced Master-retainer Relations in Japanese Medieval War Tales / Suwapa Theerakittikul / 57-78

Non-human Beings and Cultural Studies in Japanese Manga / Ranwarat Kobsirithiwara, Paphonphat Kobsirithiwara / 79-97

Labor Market Preparation for the Future of the Ageing Society: Lessons from Japan to Thailand / Chairat Nateeprasittiporn, Mujalin Chaichompoo / 98-116

Japan’s Countermeasures against Low Birth Rates: Male Involvement in Household Chores and Childrearing / Piyawan Asawarachan / 117-127

Analysis of Japanese Four-character Idiomatic Compounds with Numbers / Napasin Plaengsorn / 128-141

A Comparison of the Acoustic Characteristics of Short and Long Vowels in Japanese Produced by Thai Learners in 3 Southern Border Provinces with Difference Mother Tongues A Case Study of Pattani Province in Thailand / Chaiyot Rongdech / 142-162