Vol. 8 No. พิเศษ (2018): Special Edition December 2018

Editorial Note Editorial Note บรรณาธิการแถลง Wenika Supanyadecha

Aging Society in Thailand and Japan: A perspective of new cooperation Tassawan Jongpensuklert

The reception of Mishima Yukio’s works in the 1970s Thanabhorn Treeratsakulchai

Ogawa Mimei’s Songs for Children (DOYO) Pat-on Phipatanakul

Reverse of Power Relationship with Female Ghosts : A Case Study of Horror Film Series Ringu and Juon Natthakorn Khampuan

Space in Yoshimoto Banana’s novel - Focusing on Tsugumi Siriwan Preechanarit

The Male Protagonists in Haruki Murakami’s Nezumi Trilogy and His Attitude Towards Society Dusita Parinyapol

The Image of Bonzes and Japanese Buddhist Beliefs in Uji Shūi Monogatari Yordsawan Iguchi

Metaphors of Impermanence in Noh Plays Sunisa Tammawiwat

Causes of the Miracle of the Resurrection of Matsuwaka and Image of the Teacher in the Noh Play: Tanikou. Winai Jamornsuriya

Translation of Personal Reference Terms in Japanese Novels Translated into Thai Suwat Ruangsri

Japanese Compliments on Facebook Tawat Khamthongthip

A Comparative Study of Japanese Conjunctive Expressions on Humanities and Science Textbooks Asadayuth Chusri

A Study of The Model and an approach for Teach-Less Learn-More Activities: The Case Study of Japanese Conversation in Asian Study of Lower-Secondary Students at Sapprawanwittayakom School Sopa Masunari, Sopa Matsunari

The Effectiveness of Teaching ~そうです and ~ようです in Japanese through Pictures and The Learners’ Satisfaction Suphin Sanruang

Issues Related to Internship Practices among Thammasat University’s Students Majoring in Japanese Language Siriwon Munintarawong

Careers for Japanese Majors and Career Readiness: Case Study Topics for First- and Second-year Students Tasanee Methapisit, Yumiko Yamamoto

The responsive strategies for EV-shift in Japanese automotive industry: Case study of Toyota Group in Japan Krittaphol Viphaveekul

Japanese Cost Management in Thai Beverage Industry: A Case of Target Costing Trairong Swatdikun, Naphaphorn Phonnikornkij

Functions of Repetition as the Speaker’s Emotional Expression in Japanese Conversation : Based on the Japanese Television Drama Scenario

The Influence of Chinese Culture in Japan focusing on Asuka Period Rattakit Lertvisava